Vision, Perception,

Our company consists of a group of people with vision and passion for perfection.

O ur goal is to provide quality and durable products that can solve problems and meet the needs of our customers. "We find products for our clients, not clients for our products". This philosophy leads us to a team effort that is overall aimed at honest customer service.

Our company took its first steps in the field of shading in 1998, when it first started to produce interior shading shutters. Originally named A&G Blinds and later renamed A&N Blinds, to finally rebrand in 2017 as Sunprotech Internal & External Shading. You will notice that most shading companies still have the term “Blinds” in their name. We thought that as we evolved our products, we should evolve our Brand, so we decided to use the term “Internal & External Shading” instead of “Blinds”.

A key element of our mentality is evolution, and upgrading. We are always on the lookout for the newest and most practical solutions in the field of shading, in an effort to constantly improve the items we provide. 

Our goal is to deliver quality shading solutions and that is why we only import materials from European Union countries.

We strongly believe that shading’s purpose is not only to fit the practical needs, but to provide an aesthetic result as well!

Do you need any help?

If you wish to make an inquiry regarding a product, please fill out the necessary information in the contact us form and send it to us. A representative will respond to your request.