It is no coincidence that retractable awnings are a timeless shading solution, as they are one of the most practical and economic options.

This kind can be used in all external places, even if it is a house or a shop.  Its great advantage is that it is the only type of external shading that, when it closes, it takes up the minimum of space.

Fabric specifications:

  • Solution Dyed 100% Acrylic
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Moldproof
  • UV Resistant 7-8 (ISO 105 B02)
  • Spray Test: 5 (ISO 4920)
  • Water column: 350mm (ISO 811)
  • Oil repellent effect: 5 (ISO 14419)
  • The Fabrics are covered by a 10 Year Guarantee.

Additional Options:

This type of Awning can be motorized either with a control or switch. Moreover, a sensor of air can be applied to make sure the awning will retract if needed to protect its self.

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