Keep your home or office bug-free and comfortable with our vertical insect screens. Our screens provide a perfect balance of fresh air and protection, making them an essential addition to any space.

With high-quality materials and customizable options, our screens are built to last and fit any window. Our sleek and modern design adds to the aesthetic of your space, providing a functional and stylish solution to insect problems.

Our vertical screens are made with stiff fiberglass mesh, providing excellent visibility and high resistance to sun and water damage. This ensures that your screens will continue to perform well even in harsh conditions.

Maintenance of our screens is hassle-free, allowing you to have peace of mind that your space is protected from unwanted bugs. Plus, our screens can be considered as environmentally friendly, since they are reducing the need for air conditioning, cooling systems, use of chemicals to get rid of mosquitoes, etc.

Investing in our vertical insect screens is not only an investment in your comfort, but also in your health. By reducing your exposure to mosquitoes and other insects, you can decrease your risk of mosquito-borne illnesses. Our screens are easy to install and maintain, and their sleek design adds to the aesthetic of any space. Don’t let insects ruin your peace of mind, contact us by filling the form below, or give us a call to get a quotation for your window dimensions.

Key Benefits

of our vertical insect screens include:
  • Excellent protection from mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, while still allowing fresh air to flow through
  • Customizable to fit any window or door opening, making them perfect for any space
  • Versatile use in any room of the house or office, including commercial spaces
  • Can be installed without the need of any provision 
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Stiff fiberglass mesh that offers excellent visibility and high sun and water resistance
  • Sleek and modern design that adds to the aesthetic of your space

Description: Vertically moving screen with automatic return.
Operation: Manual with spring return.
Recommended application: Windows.
Latching: Adjustable hooks.
Installation: Side mounted (to house wall)


Required space: 4.0cm
Minimum dimensions: 40cm x 25cm
Maximum dimensions: 230cm x 233cm

Aluminium Coating:

Aluminium coating type: Powder coating, Anodizing, Imitation wood
Stock colors: RAL9010 (white), RAL8014 (brown), RAL7016 (anthracite grey), other colors are available upon request.


Mesh type: Fiberglass stiff 18×16 Grey

Quality Characteristics:

Certification: CE marking to EN 13561:2014
Warranty: Two years from date of product invoice (or receipt)


The importance of insect screens in Cyprus

Cyprus has a high percentage of insects and mosquitoes, making insect control a top priority for many homeowners and businesses. In fact, according to a recent study, Cyprus is home to more than 20 species of mosquitoes alone, many of which are also capable of transmitting diseases.

Our vertical insect screens are an essential addition to any home or office in Cyprus. With the warm and humid climate of Cyprus, insects can be a constant problem. Our screens provide excellent protection from mosquitoes, flies, and other pests while still allowing fresh air to flow through. This not only creates a more comfortable environment, but also reduces the need for harsh chemical insect repellents

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